New York The Most Depressed State Of Them All

by Chiara Atik · December 22, 2009

    Good news, guys! New York is officially the least happy state in the US. Which means that as much as we look down on people who live in New Jersey, Texas, the MidWest, Alaska, and another 40 or so states, we now have to live with the knowledge that they are all HAPPIER than we are, despite our condescension.

    Apparently, Americans who live in places where the quality of life is good (in terms of weather, traffic, air quality, housing) are happiest. The happiest states, according to a recent study, are Louisiana, Hawaii, Florida, Tennessee, Arizona, Missippi, Montana, South Carolina, Alabama, and Maine. Hawaii makes sense, but it is a personal insult to New Yorkers that someone living in ARIZONA is happier than they are. So that's one more thing to be unhappy about.