New Yorkers Spend HOW Much On Dating Each Year!?

by Christie Grimm · April 13, 2017

    In a recently released report, - you know, of those insufferable commercials where not so lonely looking people who are not on any dating sites are made to realize that somehow every couple in their lives have met on, and thus they are not only needlessly single, but stupidly so - revealed just how singles spend on the "looking for love" journey.

    The average annual amount? $1,596.

    Though, of course, that's a national average taken from their survey. For a more metropolitan take, consider these city averages below!

    Atlanta: $2,357
    Baltimore: $2,219
    Nashville: $2,206
    New York: $2,069

    What goes into calculating the price tag of a year on the hunt? Everything from how much they spend on drinks while trolling bars looking for leads, preparing for a date by having your face painted on and your hair blown out, the Ubers, the taxis, the matchmakers, the apps, oh, yeah, and then the actual date. And by the time that rolls around, you'd best hope you don't have a dinner digger on your hands! Reason enough for even the most staunch dating conservative to consider killing the dinner date.

    [Photo via Getty]