NYC Finally Has Its First Moët & Chandon Vending Machine

by Stephanie Maida · October 17, 2019

    It's time to pop some (mini) bottles! After years of begrudging Las Vegas for housing the country's first champagne vending machine - located inside the Mandarin Oriental - New York can now boast about its own.

    Moët & Chandon has finally installed one of its bubbly vending machines in NYC. The lucky owner of the luxurious invention? None other than the Lexington Hotel, a glamorous haunt since 1929 and the one-time residence of famous champagne-lover, Marilyn Monroe.

    The sure-to-become Insta-famous amenity can be found next to the hotel's new jazz age-inspired watering hole, The Stayton Room, where it presents a drool-worthy selection of 200 mL bottles of Imperial Brut or Imperial Rosé - each dispensed with a complimentary flute (though, really, who doesn't love drinking straight out of the bottle?). Naturally, the machine only accepts gold coins (this is a classy vending machine, after all), but they're easily purchasable at the bar for just $25 each. So if you happen to spot us with jangling pockets somewhere near Lexington and 48th, mind your business - we have champagne to sip.