#OccupyWallStreet Marches To Millionaires' Homes, What Happened According To Twitter

by Chelsea Burcz · October 11, 2011

    Now almost a month since it's beginning, Occupy Wall Street is still spreading - and this time to Park Avenue. Protesters took the homes of billionaires, specifically Jamie Dimon, the CEO and chairman of JPMorgan Chase & Co. "Occupiers" waltzed right up to his uptown pad and milled around chanting for a good couple of hours today. Foster Kamer, the Senior Editor of the Observer, tweeted his sightings throughout the day to our amusement.

    I bolded some of my favorites:

    Starting 2 hours ago:

    Took a few calls, but finally located 's "Millionaire March." Marching uptown on Park Ave from 65th:

    Millionaire March pretty quiet in parts of single-file line. Loudest near front, w/instruments.

    Everyone yelling down the march line: "DAVID KOCH. HE HAS NINETY BILLION DOLLARS." Guess that's where we are now.

    Second line on Millionaire March now playing "Mr. Big Stuff." Rad.

    Woman carrying sign that says I AM WARREN BUFFETT'S SECRETARY. I asked her, she is not. Says Warren's sec pays more in taxes than he does.

    Millionaire March line's running about 5 city blocks long right now.

    One of the giant checks the Millionaire March is "presenting" to Jamie Dimon. 

    Millionaire March making its way up Park past 84th Street.

    Millionaire March has crossed Park , headed up east side. They've now marched thirty-plus blocks. 

    Current cheer from Millionaires March as they approach Dimon's place: "We're here! We're broke! We're coming over for dinner!"

    Word on the street is that the NYPD White Shirt who arrested everyone on the Brooklyn Bridge is here overseeing police presence.

    Nanny carrying daughter into 1185 Park gets jeered at. Doormen + building security amused. March has come to halt here.

    1185 Park Ave resident comes outside with dog and SLR camera. He's psyched to watch.

    Must say, Dimon's building is nice, but I'm surprised by all the window unit ACs. Tawdry!

    Just saw gaggle of girls getting out of school on 93rd, in uniform, w/nanny, holding up heavy metal "devil horns" and cheering on protest.

    Construction workers at UES brownstone cheering. Protester: "Been down to Occupy yet?" "Nah, but we'll be here tomorrow!" they laugh.

    The New York Times' Robert Harris in action! UES resident complaining about how "these kids won't listen to [me]."

    Occupy the Guggenheim! Down with oppressive and circular architecture! 

    Not sure what billionaire is at 1050, but for the record, it's kinda fugly

    They're now at 7 86th Street. John Paulson, HOLLA! .

    Also, marching around the UES all afternoon has given me serious doggie-envy. Pups! 

    And that's the ball game! Millionaire March ends at 86th and Lex, where protesters board 4/5 back down to Zuccotti just before rain starts.

    Currently part of post-march . The revolution's cravings will not go unsatisfied!