Humming Puppy Yoga

Humming Puppy Yoga, the newest resident in the Chelsea neighborhood, is an oasis of calm. The sweeping arched windows and historic Corinthian columns are the very reason founders Jackie Alexander and fiancé Chris Koch fell in love with this space. The convenient subways and surrounding, abundant boutique fitness made it the perfect location for the NYC's Humming Puppy location. Designed by Australian architect Karen Abernethy in association with Marshall Shuster from Mesarch Studio, the space is an all-consuming retreat of minimal glamour and zen. It is simultaneously luxurious and refined, but also welcoming and homey. 

The shala, or yoga practice room, is a humming cave that reverberates with the sound of specific frequencies: the Schumann Resonance (the Earth's frequency) and the Gamma hertz (for peak brain wave activity). Honestly, I can't even explain the experience to you, you've got to check it out for yourself. 

And luckily, Humming Puppy is offering THREE free classes to all first-timers. You, too, can take in the beauty and magic of this new space, and leave floating on a cloud of bliss. 

Humming Puppy Yoga, 119 West 23rd Street

[Photo via Joseph Shubin]

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