This Outdoor Comedy Club Is Serving Up Al Fresco Laughs (& Cocktails!)

by Avery Meade · August 18, 2020

    If you've gone through every single comedy, dramedy, and rom-com on Netflix, we've got some good news - and a reason to snag your mask and get off the couch. The Stand Comedy Club & Restaurant is bringing the laughs outdoors! Paired, of course, with good food and even better booze. 

    A local haunt for comics to launch their careers, The Stand has been a staple in the New York Comedy scene for eight years. Their eye for talent is so on point they’ve even been tapped by The Tonight Show to book comedians. Now, they've officially taken over the sidewalk for their outdoor dining-and-a-show.

    Open from Wednesday to Sunday, The Stand offers 16 outdoor tables for you to bring your crew for a socially distanced night (or day) on the town. It's also the perfect first date idea for meeting your virtual quarantine boo IRL. We mean, what better way to lighten the mood of a pandemic than with some much-needed stand-up (bet you never thought that was a luxury before). But The Stand doesn’t stop at just getting you to belly laugh, it's also most likely one of the only comedy clubs also known for delicious food and epic cocktails.

    From their upscale take on the NYC classic, Chopped Cheese (made with grass fed beef, American cheese, smoked gouda, lettuce, tomato, and some special sauce), and their specialty brick-oven B.E.C. pizza, to their cocktail menu featuring spicy mezcal sips and even a Watermelon Rosé, The Stand truly stands out (um, bad pun intended).

    And if you're missing those boozy brunch Sundays, The Stand even has you covered there, serving up duck hash and avocado bennys complete with a jazz band - so you can sip your mimosas, close your eyes, and pretend you're in Europe (because let’s be real, our travel plans this summer were the biggest joke of all!).