Pickles, Pop-Tarts, And Other Speciality Stores In NYC

by CATHY LEVETT · July 23, 2010

    New York has a specific store for just about every food item you could ever want. Pickles, Pop-Tarts, caviar, you name it. Here's a list of where to go when you're in the mood for a specific food--and ONLY that food.


    Hors d'oeuvres

    Caviar- Caviar Russe

    - This is a restaurant and shop that specializes in its excellent taste and quality in caviar.

    Types: Beluga, Oestra, Sevruga, Pressed, White Sturgeon, Shovelnose/Hackleback, etc.

    Location: 538 Madison Avenue

    Fun fact: This store/restaurant is part of the retail division of the largest caviar importer to the U.S.



    Cheese- Murray's Cheese

    - Find your cheese according to cheese type, country, milk type or rennet type. This site has it all from a rundown of the basics of cheese to a cheese glossary and what to drink to pair with your cheese.

    Types: Bloomy, Blue, Firm, Fresh, Hard, Semi-Soft and Washed-Rind

    Location: Greenwich Village 254 Bleecker Street; Grand Central 43rd Street & Lexington (at center of market and one near the market's entrance)

    Fun fact: check out the store's blog!


    Pickles- Guss' Pickles

    - Some of the best and crispiest pickles in New York.

    Types: kosher sour, sour, half-sour, quarter-sour, hot, etc.

    Location: 85 Orchard Street, Lower East Side

    Fun fact: These pickles are available by the quart. That's a lot of pickles!



    Pop Tarts- Pop-Tarts World Café

    - Kellogg's company decided to take its products one step further by putting the first ever Pop-Tarts shop and café in Times Square.

    Types: you know all the different kinds, we don't have to spell them out for you...

    Location: 128 West 42nd Street, Times Square

    Fun fact: There is a station where you can design your very own t-shirt as well as a spot to make your own customized box Pop-Tarts box.



    Nuts- The Nut Box

    - A great place to buy all different kinds of nuts at very reasonable prices. Look no further than here for your next trail mix craving.

    Types: roasted, sugared, chocolate-covered, spiced, raw, salted, etc.

    Location: 75 9th Avenue, Chelsea Market and 425 West 15th Street

    Fun fact: Started on Smith Street in Brooklyn



    Macaroni and cheese- Macbar

    - This store will take you back to your childhood-macaroni-eating days. Whether you liked the "shapes" or "regular" macaroni and cheese, there is a type of macaroni for everyone at Macbar.

    Types: The Classic, Four Cheese, Carbonara, Cheeseburger, Reuben, 'Shroom, Lobsta', Quack, Chipotle, Primavera, Stroganoff, Margarita

    Location: 54 Prince Street, Nolita

    Fun fact: The interior of the store is a blinding yellow color...everything macaroni!



    Rice pudding- Rice To Riches

    - Rice pudding is one dessert that many of us forget about, as it seems much healthier than most of our favorite sweets. With fun flavors, this treat is something definitely worth trying.

    Types: Cinnamon Sling, Coconut Coma, Rest in Peach, Sex Drugs and Rocky Road, The Edge of Rum Raisin, Chocolate Chip Flirt, Man-Made Mascarpone, Strawberry Floozy, Fluent in French Toast, "Category 5" Caramel, The Corner of Cookies & Cream, Pomegranate, Promise Me Passion Fruit, Take Me to Tiramisu, The Milk Chocolate Only Rings Twice, Almond Shmalmond, Understanding Vanilla, Surrender to Mango, Old Fashioned Romance, Hazelnut Chocolate Bear Hug AND MANY MORE!!!

    Location: 37 Spring Street, offer local delivery

    Fun fact: Ship overnight to anywhere in the country.

    Chocolate cake- The Best Chocolate Cake in the World

    - Chocolate cake is always delicious, no matter what time of the year.

    Types: Only one type of chocolate cake sold- same delicious recipe used every time.

    Location: 55A Spring Street, Nolita

    Fun fact: After trying a piece of this decadent looking treat, we came to the conclusion that it does NOT deserve the title, "best chocolate cake in the world". Don't get us wrong, it was good, just not that good.