Reason I Love New York #2,749

by Rachelle Hruska · April 15, 2008

    23rd street subway [23rd street subway station 4-15-08, 2:15pm]

    The Subway Art. I realize I'm not the first one to remark on the magical tile prints we have in our subway stations here, but alas, today I had my camera and an almost empty 23rd street station (I think everyone's outside walking in the sunshine)....This station is one of my most favorite out of them all. These hats are in neck and neck competition with the tiled marbles in Penn Station. The detail on these head toppers is so grand that it's worth the $2 ticket just to walk around the station. Where else can you find such remarkable artwork at such a cheap price? As I drop off my check in the mail to the state of New York tax collection office (and you think your job sucks), I am going to try and think of things like these hats on 23rd street to help me remember why I chose this city in the first place.


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