Rent A Boyfriend For Less Than $100/Hr!

by Cary Randolph Fuller · January 5, 2010

    For girls who just can't be bothered with the competition, Lifebooker - that online service that previously just scored you a discounted haircut or Swedish massage - is now offering Boyfriend For Hire!

    New York City is a notoriously treacherous playground for single gals. Women outnumber men by nearly a quarter million, and of those gents we can only guess that a small fraction are dating material. This ups the ante for single ladies and can turn the dating scene into a battlefield strewn with broken hearts.

    This service sounds like a joke, but Lifebooker is serious. For $75 per hour a strapping young buck will show up at your apartment to "assemble, paint, fix, hang, grout, tile, saw, sand, repair, and remodel everything...your landlord has been neglecting to take care of."

    This is great for chicks like me who wouldn't dream of meeting Mr. Right on a meatpacking district dance floor but who still need to change those pesky light bulbs and reroute the wiring in my dishwasher. (Dishwashers need wiring...right?)

    After tomorrow the fee for your boyfriend shoots up to $200 per hour so act fast if you want Prince Charming to come with a discount.