Robot Strippers Are Coming To NYC

by Stephanie Maida · January 24, 2018

    Robot strippers are officially a thing. The future is now, folks.

    After making their debut at tech conference CES in Las Vegas earlier this month, the Robo Twins (yes, there are two of them) are hitting the pole right here in New York. The world's first robotic exotic dancers will be performing at Sapphire 39 in Midtown this Friday and Saturday and we can bet it'll be anything but your typical gentlemen's club experience.

    Created by London-based sculptor Giles Walker, the electrifying babes sport CCTV camera heads, inspired by the "mechanical peeping Toms" used throughout the UK. While Walker hadn't set out to create "sex robots," he did turn that sense of voyeurism into something cheeky.

    Think they have built-in credit card slots?

    [Photo via Getty]