Part Cafe, Part Florist: Rosecrans Is The Dreamy New Spot We Always Knew We Wanted

by Stephanie Maida · November 19, 2019

    How many times have you walked by a quaint city storefront bursting with dreamy florals and rustic decor only to take a closer look inside and discover, well, it's just a florist (this happened to me in Paris an unfortunate amount of times). Not that I have anything against florists, of course, but their shops are just too pretty to walk in and out of after picking up some blooms or placing an order. I want to hang around a bit, you know? Enjoy the atmosphere.

    The owners of Rosecrans, a new Greenwich Village locale, apparently agree with me. Part cafe and wine bar, part actual flower shop, this cozy, colorful spot is the hybrid I always knew needed to exist. Boasting an eclectic array of comfy couches, antique furniture, and, of course, plenty of plants and flowers (some sprouting out of mismatched ceramic pitchers, some on shelves lining a nook near the window), it has quickly gained some fans in the neighborhood - and, needless to say, on Instagram.

    The team behind Rosecrans are no strangers to mixing concepts; their other venture, Ad Hoc Collective, is a cafe-slash-home goods shop, where all the decor is for sale. (Hey, if you have a good business model, stick to it.)

    Now whether you're looking for a garden-like escape from the dreary winter chill, a dreamy snap for your Insta feed, or a good cup of coffee and/or a bouquet of fresh flowers, you know just where to find it. 

    Rosecrans, 7 Greenwich Ave."... stroke="none" stroke-width="1" fill="none" fill-rule="evenodd">
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    ☕️ 💐 🍵 🌱 stop by between 6-10pm as we thank our dear friends , family , neighbors and @adhoccollective community in making this possible in an insane timeframe of 8 crazy weeks . from constant offers to help in anyway to literal hands on handy work after hours (primarily by friends and family of @leoroldan7) . for the co-pilots that tagged along on some of the hauls I made to furnish and decorate the shop with all the #vintage and #antique #furniture and #decor (which of course is eventually all for sale in true ad hoc form) . for the cars , vans , trucks people freely loaned for a day . for the heads that popped in doors and windows during construction to say hi . for surprise visits in the basement where we tinkered away as construction went on upstairs . for our team that has more than doubled and continues to grow . for all the love, positive encouragement and support ... really , for everything . please join as we celebrate it all tonight at #7greenwich
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    Cutest coffee shop / florist ever! Inspo! . . . #coffeeshop #coffee #botanic #newyork #newyorkcity #nyc #westvillage #interiordesign #inspiration
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    Beautiful new way to start the morning—coffee shop and flower shop in one @rosecrans!
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