Sarah Jessica Parker Has A Strong Message For The People Who Fled NYC

by Stephanie Maida · November 28, 2020

    There's a certain tougher-than-thou pride held among city-dwellers who, from the very beginning of lockdown this year, have remained loyal to the New York that shaped them, made their dreams come true, and, in many cases, made them rich enough to afford the second (and third, and fourth) homes they could have escaped to when things got rough. Quintessential NYC gal Sarah Jessica Parker, who spent this summer opening a new flagship location of her cult-favorite shoe store, SJP Collection, has it in spades. And she'd like a word with her privileged peers who abandoned the city when it needed them most.

    In an interview with Town & Country, the star joined the likes of Jerry Seinfeld in defending the city (which has been ridiculously referred to as a "ghost town" by one infamous former New Yorker we definitely don't want coming back). 

    "After Labor Day is when I started having hard conversations with my friends. People who are wealthy—New Yorkers who made great success for themselves in New York City—I feel that they owe it to the city to reinvest, to come home to make a city that is now unfamiliar familiar again," the actress and designer revealed.

    "Your favorite deli and restaurant—those businesses can’t wait for you. They can’t hold on to employees until you come home. They need to feel our presence, to have our financial support to remain open, or reopen. In order for our city to look familiar and to function as you have come to expect, you have to come home."

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