Save The Night: Election Alert From The NYC Nightlife Preservation Committee

by BILLY GRAY · November 2, 2009

    The big story in tomorrow's city elections is the David and Goliath non-battle between Mike Bloomberg and Bill Thompson. But nightlife lovers invested in New York's nocturnal future should pay attention to a host of names on the bottom half of the ballot for candidates endorsed by the good folks of the Nightlife Preservation Committee...

    The committee, headed by Guest of a Guest favorites David Rabin and Steve Lewis (among others), shares our belief that bars and clubs, in addition to generating massive revenues for the city, are vital to its culture and unique, "never sleeps" flavor. Since its inception last spring, the group has made inroads with teetotaling community boards and the bureaucratic buzzkill that is city government.

    So, revelers take note of the following nightlife-friendly candidates as you head to the polls tomorrow:


    Borough President Scott Stringer

    City Council Member Chris Quinn City Council Member Gail Brewer City Council Member Jessica Lappin City Council Member Dan Garodnick


    City Council Candidate Karen Koslowitz (Queens 29th) City Council Member James Gennaro City Council Member Peter Vallone, Jr. City Council Member Leroy Comrie

    Staten Island

    Council Member Jimmy Oddo