Star Wars Re-Enacted On The 6 Train

by Chiara Atik · July 14, 2010

    A day ago, in a 6 train not so far, far away, Princess Leia sat among everyday commuters, minding her own business, quietly reading "Galactic Rebellion For Dummies: How To Form An Alliance & Subvert The Status Quo", when a gang of storm troopers looking for trouble came onboard...-

    It's all part of Improv Everywhere's latest project: to re-enact Star Wars on the 6 Train. Actors portraying Princess Leia and Darth Vadar recited dialogue from the movie while commuters laughed and took pictures. ("Darth Vader! Only you could be so bold!" Princess Leia admonishes when confronted with Vader. Was the dialougue always this schlocky?)

    Sadly for Princess Leia, she pronounced a traitor and thrown off the subway, but man did those commuters just eat. it. up. Just goes to show, New York City is a mecca for geeks. (In a good way.)

    [Via Gothamist]