The Bankability Of The Subway Rat On The Face Video

by Mara Siegler · January 14, 2011

    Subway Rat teeshirtSusan Boyle who? The newest YouTube star is the rat crawling on the sleeping man's leg. The embodiment of NYC's collective nightmare, it garnered half a million hits. Attention like that can only mean profit. Will we see him on the Today Show in a rags to riches twist that will leave him in rehab in the span of a week? Find out what's next!

    The vermin sadly could not be located, but the man who took the video, Jeffrey Forde, will be stepping in for him. He has reportedly been able to sell his non-watermarked version to several media outlets for around $4,000 and appeared on TV yesterday to tell his story. 

    "That poor unfortunate guy, he just got a face full of rat," he explained.  "He just kind of shoulder shrugged it off, the rat jumped off, he went back to sleep like it was so routine to him." Apparently, some people "moved to a different car," which I guess means some people didn't which is CRAZY.

    I'm sure more television appearances are on the way, as well as merchandise. Thus far, there are a number of tee shirts available emblazoned  with such statements as "got rat?" Posters, plays based off the subject, and a mascot gig for a rat poison brand are surely in the near future. The MTA will no doubt use the video as a scare tactic, placing the sinister rat-in-the-face shot on a  'don't eat food on the subway' poster.