This High-Speed Hudson River Tour May Be Touristy, But It's Still Super Fun

by Guest of A Guest · May 5, 2022

    As a local, sightseeing isn't exactly on one's list of top weekend activities.

    But that may just have to change...

    Starting Saturday, May 7th, Circle Line is putting The Beast back in the water!

    The city's fastest jet-powered thrill ride, The Beast takes riders on a 40 knot (about 45 mph) high-speed cruise down the Hudson River. Starting at Pier 83 and sprinting down to the Statue of Liberty, doing donuts and sharp turns the whole way, this 30-minute adventure is a serious splash.

    Our recommendations? Schedule your ride for a hot day, be prepared to get wet, and definitely don't wear a hat you won't be devastated to have blown off into the river.

    Does it feel touristy? Yes.

    But is it fun? 100%.

    [Photo via The Beast]