The Best Of The Internet: Hurricane Irene

by Rachelle Hruska · August 26, 2011

    Hurricane Irene is really riling people up today. Check out some of my favorite things I've found on Irene...

    First, don't forget our own set of posts to help get you through the storm:

    How to throw your own Hurricane Irene party [Hurricane Party]

    A list of Hurricane Themed Parties in NYC [NYC Hurricanes]

    A Recap of NY Hurricanes Past [Past Hurricanes]

    Who's braving the Hurricane and staying in the Hamptons [Hamptons Hurricane]

    All of the events that have been canceled by Irene [Irene is a party pooper]

    [Photo via]

    On the other hand, NYC is a city full of neurotic people:

    [Walmart, NYC, via]

    "I don’t mean to add to the panic, but this is the flashlight selection at Kmart on Astor Place." [via Lisha]

    [No water, no flashlights, no boots @ Target. #apocalypse via]

    Montauk is in heavy preparations:

    The Worst Hurricane Advice Out There: Do not listen to these people. [NYO]

    A list of the best NYC based Twitter accounts to follow [@antderosa]

    25 Questions to ask someone when your stuck together in a Hurricane. [HowAboutWe]

    There was a shark found in the street in Puerto Rico! [Twitter]

    Read Nate Silver's article to learn how costly different strength hurricanes would be if they hit directly over NYC. [Via]

    Some examples of how you can find a Hurricane Boyfriend. #1? Go to the Grocery store NOW! [VV]