The Comprehensive Smokers' Guide to Post-Ban New York Part 2: Where To Sneak A Cig In The City

by Deb Sperling · June 13, 2011

    As you're undoubtedly aware, Mayor Bloomberg's ludicrous smoking ban has arrived. That means New Yorkers who light up at the beach, or in public parks or pedestrian plazas, will be subject to a $50 fine. Today we take a look at places to sneak in a cig.

    Where To Sneak A Smoke When The Public Shame Becomes Unbearable

    At your parents' house.

    In the spaces between subway cars. Might as well break all the rules while you're at it.

    Next to a steamy man-hole cover.

    Next to an un-eco-friendly vehicle.

    Next to a person with a gastrointestinal issues, or...

    Next to anything else that emits more noxious fumes than your cigarette.

    In a firehouse. We're pretty sure it's not technically legal, but firefighters do it all the time, and it's certainly the safest place to hold a burning object.

    In your own private smoker's club. That's right, if you declare yourself a" non-profit member association," and don't pay any employees, you can smoke in your special clubhouse.

    A roof. Any roof. Especially Mayor Bloomberg's roof.


    In the park, goddammit! Bring your own tent, or share with a park resident.

    In a designated smoking section we really, really hope the city will enact when public brawling over the ban inevitably ensues.

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