The Hipster Pillow Fight In Union Square

by Chiara Atik · April 5, 2010

    Newmindspace, the group that recently built blanket forts in Brooklyn brought the bedding fun up to Manhattan this weekend for the annual Pillow Fight NYC, which coincided with pillow fights all over the world. (That isn't an exaggeration...check out the surprisingly comprehensive list of participating countries...)-

    Photos by JT White.

    Participants were asked to bring feather free pillows (though how this was enforced, I don't know), and forbidden from hitting people without pillows, aka unsuspecting passerby and tourists.

    After the fight,  leftover synthetic pillows were donated to two no-kill animal shelters for puppies and kittens.

    It's nice to know that despite all the problems in the world, countries from Ghana to New Zealand to Serbia to Beijing can all get together for the useful activity of whacking each other with pillows, right?

    The event is held on the first Saturday of April every year.

    [Additional photos via Flickr]