The Salem Bitch Trials Is The Off-Broadway Play You Need To See This Fall

by Jane Ninivaggi · August 17, 2016

    Don't worry, we've decided for you - attending the premiere of "The Salem Bitch Trials," an off-Broadway production starring some of New York's hottest drag queens, is the perfect way to pretend to be cultured this fall. Running from October 18-22nd, you should think of "The Salem Bitch Trials" as the love-child of the best night you've had since you discovered what's really in those happy hour margaritas and the ability to defy societal expectations by using an art degree for something other than a lifelong career as a museum docent. Not to mention, you'll also have 90 minutes to bask in the presence of NYC's favorite queens, who are sure to make you feel only slightly more inferior than the show's talented producers who graduated college just this last spring. That's right, you'll probably leave feeling ugly and unaccomplished. Ah yes, the empire state of mind. 

    By highlighting a seemingly unlikely intersection between themes in the LGBT community and the historic Salem Witch Trials, the play adapts modern day drag to conventional forms of theater in a hilarious and unforgettable way. Originally performed at Northwestern University, The Salem Bitch Trials will debut in NYC at John Cullum Theatre with tickets starting at just $25. 

    Be sure to get there early to drink too much wine, attend a pre-show with the queens, and pretend this isn't the first ~theater~ production you've been to since you moved to New York and promised your mom you'd stop calling her about how to know if your chicken is ready and what can go in the microwave without catching fire. 

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