The Subway Wedding That Never Happened

by Ann Chow · February 3, 2012

    Like any real New Yorker, we move to the beat of the city, only stopping to notice the really strange or really heartwarming things that might occur in this big, ol' city of ours. We thought this whole subway wedding was one of those things.  It wasn't. It was LIES.

    This video of a wedding taking place at the 168th Street subway station qualifies as both strange, yet heartwarming, and plenty of strap-hangers stopped to watch. For the first few minutes, you think, "I would never get married in a grime-filled subway station in NYC, but it's cute that these guys are!"

    And really, one should never get married in a subway station where the announcements for the next train arrival are louder than your pastor. You even root for the couple when some oddball says he objects to the ceremony taking place even though he supposedly doesn't know the couple (or the rest of the group).

    Then, you realize the whole thing was staged. Our hearts took a beating when we caught on. Oh, Northern Manhattan UP Theater Company, how could you? We really thought those crazy lovebirds might have fallen in love on the A train. Or the C. Or the 1.