There's Some Serious French Bulldog Drama Brewing On The Upper East Side

by Stephanie Maida · July 20, 2022

    Everything that you've ever seen, heard, or read about the Upper East Side of Manhattan? It's true, all of it. It really is like that!

    And if you needed any more proof, please consider this delightfully ridiculous doggy drama currently gripping the neighborhood. It has everything: French bulldogs, an angry NIMBY, puppy prejudice, petty complaints... all that's really missing is a Bravo camera crew.

    Let's get into it.

    On Tuesday, NBC News reporter Kalhan Rosenblatt detailed the canine scandal on Twitter, explaining that, once a week or so, local Frenchie owners get together for a playdate with their pups at Carl Schurz Park. The one (1) hour long meetups are organized by another Frenchie owner, who shares the schedule on Instagram. They celebrate birthdays, snap photos, and, of course, run around together while playing with whichever other pups are at the park that day (they do not, in fact, put up a velvet rope with a sign that says "Only Frenchies Allowed"). 

    Sounds like an adorable little dog community building exercise, right? No one could possibly be mad at this... right?

    Well, like we said, this is the Upper East Side!

    Rosenblatt went on to explain that one very miffed dog owner, who is apparently not in the French Bulldog club, and who is certainly not a fan of it, has created an anonymous Instagram account dedicated to putting a stop to the Frenchie meetups.

    No, like their Insta handle is literally @stop_the_meetups. Woof.

    Their grievances include but are not limited to: The dogs weighing more than 25 pounds; some dogs coming in from other neighborhoods ("Chelsea, Brooklyn, even as far as NJ"); the Frenchie meetup organizer having a "holier than thou" attitude and seeming to "hold court" over the dog park.

    In the midst of Rosenblatt's thread going viral, @frenchiesofues responded to the drama on Instagram, insisting that their goal is simply to uplift the fur baby community and that the meetups aim to create a loving environment and always abide by park rules.

    Whether or not this dog fight continues, consider this our official plea for a Real Frenchies of New York franchise."... stroke="none" stroke-width="1" fill="none" fill-rule="evenodd">
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