Everyone's Favorite Pop Culture Museum Is Going Full NSFW With Brazzers

by Millie Moore · September 24, 2019

    The Met. The Louvre. The Guggenheim.

    I'm not naming places you can get hit in the head with a selfie stick thanks to tourists. I'm naming places that pale in comparison to The Tonya Harding Nancy Kerrigan 1994 Museum.

    You've heard of the THNK1994 Museum before. They came out with exhibits that we were obsessed with, including the series on the Olsen twins hiding from paparazzi, the Real Housewives pointing fingers at each other, and, of course, the exhibit entirely devoted to the greatest era of all time: the early 2000s

    We didn't think they would be able to top any of those showings, but Matt and Viviana of The THNK1994 Museum managed to outdo themselves again. From September 28th through the 29th, they are holding an exhibit called "Brazzers Breakroom VHS," entirely devoted to the backroom of your local video store where the only children that were allowed were puddles of baby batter on the floor. Oh, to be transported to an era where you had to endure the public shame of walking into a room like that, but at least Trump wasn't president.

    How, oh how, can you make a room like that into art? Matt, Viviana, and the Brazzers team managed to not just create an exhibit, but an experience for New Yorkers. A slew of porn stars are showing up to this time portal turned glory hole, including my muse, my flame, Abella Danger, whom I'll be trying to convince to play me in the porn parody version of my life story

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    Thrilled to announce our next exhibit... #BrazzersVHS 💋💋💋💋 www.thnk1994.com/vhs
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    It's not like this gathering will just be guys who participate in the PornHub comment section. We have legit art featuring the likes of Miriam Carothers. We have previews of releases such as The Fuckening and Doctor! All Our Assholes Are Possessed! We have the opportunity to anal-yze artifacts from movies that have hopefully been deeply sanitized (shout out to Matt and Viviana for cumming up with a pun like that). We have a Pay Phone Glory Hole Time Machine. Who would've thought Brazzers would have a hand in inventing time travel? What a world we live in. And if you want to take a breather from this blast from the past, you can lounge in the makeshift employee break room. Classic.

    Anyway, you won't want to miss this exhibit because it's nothing you've ever experienced before and nothing you will have the opportunity to experience again. No one even makes VHS tapes anymore. 

    Just RSVP to get in for free by emailing RSVP@thnk1994.com. It's located at 310 Canal Street. Canal happens to be where me and my friends got our fake IDs, so all of this seems pretty on brand.