You Won't Believe How Many Flowers Are In Tiffany & Co.'s Mother's Day Display

by Christie Grimm · May 7, 2021

    Well, it's official - Tiffany & Co. has won Mother's Day.

    To fête the holiday and the season, the iconic jeweler has teamed up with florist Lewis Miller Design to transform not only their new Fifth Avenue store (don't worry - it's only until the transformation of their iconic 727 Fifth Avenue location is completed), but on the street itself!

    Stretching four stories high, planted in the main concourse of the store, sits a skyscraper of stacked blue Tiffany boxes crawling with florals. Our first thought? A true fairytale tower if ever we've seen one! Our second? How many flowers must that be?!

    Well, settle in, because we've got the crazy impressive breakdown:

    • 1,600 roses
    • Roses / Coral Finesse x 400
    • Roses / Hot Pink Full Monte x 400 stems
    • Roses / Shukrani coral x 400 stems
    • Roses / Cool water x 400 stems
    • Chrysanthemom / Disbud Pale Pink x 300 stems
    • Chrysanthemom/ Dark Carina x 300 stems
    • Cherry blossom branches / Pink and White
    • Peonies / Dr. Fleming Pink x 300 stems
    • Peonies / Coral Charms x 300 stems
    • Larkspur / Purple x 300 stems
    • Delphinium Dewi Lady x 200 stems
    • Delphinium / El Dewi Empress x 150 stems
    • Larkspur / White x 200 stems
    • Gardenia plants / Blooming x 8 plants
    • Lily Saltarelo x 100 stems
    • Phlox / Pink, Purple x 200 stems
    • Carnations / Pink  x 300 stems
    • Carnations / Purple x 300 stems
    • Wax flower / Pink x 50 bunches

    And that's not even all of the flowers they have in-store! Throughout the holiday weekend,  customers will be able to pick up Lewis Miller Design flower bouquets of their own, as well as enjoy calligraphy stations, special-edition bag hangtags and colored ribbon to jazz up purchases.

    Be sure to stop by before the floral fun comes to an end!

    [Photos courtesy: William Abranowicz]