Tim Morehouse And Jason Rogers, Our Favorite Olympic Fencers, Now Official NY Post Most Eligible Bachelors!

by Rachelle Hruska · April 20, 2009

    Our favorite GofG reporters, Olympic fencers Tim Morehouse and Jason Rogers are in the NY Post today! In the article titled "Date Knights-Forget Finance Types, Meet The New Mr. Right." Tim and Jason pose with other eligible bachelors. According to the article, it's time to "Take this opportunity- aka, a dip in the Dow-to kick the suit to the curb and date outside the box. Find a hot guy with a really cool job." We couldn't agree more...

    "We're nice guys," Morehouse says. "When we meet people, we want to make a good impression and show that we're good people, nice people, hard-working people. I think it's part of the Olympic creed -- sportsmanship and being nice."

    Check out the full story HERE and make sure to check out more from Tim and Jason on GofG and on Fox Business news later today at 5:40 pm!

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