Timeshare Backyard Returns To LES

by Ramya Velury · July 12, 2012

    Located at 145 Ludlow Street, Timeshare Backyard is a project that allows people to rent, by the hour, an empty lot owned by a real estate developer/broker named, Sion Misrahi. This was an extremely popular project last summer and they've decided to continue starting this weekend.

    There have been some necessary changes to the project, however. Due to the excessive noise complaints last year, they have decided to close the lot at 8 PM. The space also does not have a liquor license, so looks like all parties have to be dry.

    Don't worry, you're not just paying for an empty lot. The space is fully equipped with a BBQ grill, shade, grass, magazines, hammocks, picknick equipment, squirt guns, lounge chairs, coolers, hula hoops, and street art.

    The Timeshare Backyard begins on Saturday, July 14, and there's a two-hour minimum on all rental times. Go HERE to reserve the space!

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