Town Topics

by AMANDA MELILLO · May 9, 2008

    So we all know the city has its share of critters (most recent evidence: closure of Veneiro's for mouse droppings in the chocolate; same rat I see every day at the 59th Street subway station on the 4 track.) And today the tabs are talking about not only the mysterious bee hive that was swarming around a newspaper box at East 75th and 2nd Avenue, but also the bedbugs in subway stations. A "city bedbug expert" says there are bedbugs at the Union Square Station.

    Ew! But more importantly, a bedbug expert? How does one become a bedbug expert? Why on earth would you specialize in BEDBUGS? And the "volunteer beekeeper" that had to take the bees away before some stinging went down? Who spends volunteer time beekeeping? You gotta love a city with such interesting characters.