App Lets You Locate Food Trucks On Your iPhone

by Tracey Lewis · November 1, 2011

    It’s the middle of the day, and you’re freaking starving. Those delicious pan fried dumplings you ate last week sound amazing, but the food mobile is nowhere to be found. You could scroll through dozens of random musings and twitpics on your Twitter feed (distraction, much?) to locate its whereabouts, but why? Just, my friends…

    Now you can pull out your iPhone, tell Siri to launch the app, and hop over to the next intersection for some Chinese food goodness.

    The app maps out all of the available gourmet trucks within your vicinity – updating in real time once the vendor has tweeted its location – making it easy for you to satiate your hunger with the quickness. You also get the inside on secret discounts and specials, plus it’s free.

    Sound like you need this right now? The app is already available for download in the iTunes store.