The Ultimate Central Park Drinking Game

by Liz Martinelli · June 24, 2016

    What could be better than a sunny afternoon spent lounging around Central Park? Playing a drinking game while you do it. We have compiled a list of all the usual, and unusual, sights and sounds of everyone's favorite plot of greenery in our concrete jungle to give you a game worth getting drunk for. Grab your bottle of wine (or tequila) and a blanket, find a comfy spot with plenty of people watching potential, and pour yourself a glass. 

    Take A Sip When...

    - You see anyone wearing an I ❤️NY t-shirt

    - A pack of Lululemon moms power-walk by you, finish your drink if they have strollers

    - Somewhere, a child shrieks

    - That couple cuddled on a blanket goes full PDA

    - You hear someone say "I wanna find the Imagine circle!"

    - A cop trots by on a horse...actually wait until he's passed before you sip

    - Hipsters skate by on rollerblades, finish your drink if you see them fall

    - You see a child on a leash

    - Anytime you see someone using a selfie-stick

    - A man rocks shorts shorter than your own, finish your drink if he has a man-bun

    - A marathon star wannabe runs by in an all neon get up

    - A parent ignores their child for their phone

    - You see a dog walker being walked by their pups

    - A nanny tries to wrangle an unruly child into the stroller, finish your drink if it's a Manny

    - A child drifts by on a pair of heelys

    - Teenagers have an ~artsy~ photoshoot next to some foliage #InstaFamous

    - A Pedi-Cab hollers at you

    - You spot anyone wearing a flower crown

    - You see a group of minors sparking up on the grass

    - You stumble upon some public workout class, finish your drink if it's Crossfit-esque

    - You see someone carrying a bunch of balloons, finish your drink if you see them let one go

    - A couple rolls by on a "romantic" carriage ride

    - You're subjected to some college students' attempt at playing guitar

    - Someone pops the question to their significant other

    - You see a living sculpture

    - A field trip of children passes by, finish your drink if they are all wearing matching t-shirts

    - Anyone struts by wearing a fannypack

    - A gaggle of gals carrying Venti iced-coffees set up shop on the grass

    Have fun playing, just remember per the rules of the park to keep your chugging discreet. 

    [Photo via @nicolechew9]