Wake Up Next Week With At Cost Café's 28 Cent Coffee

by Georgia Bobley · March 16, 2012

    In an effort to teach consumers good financial investing habits, Vanguard, one of the world's largest investment management companies, will be launching a coffee truck. The truck will be at Union Square and Penn Station next Monday and Tuesday, respectively.

    After coming to New York, the coffee truck, named At Cost Café, will be stationed in Boston, DC, and Philadelphia. Consumers were able to enjoy coffee for 28 cents from the truck. 28 cents is approximately 1/5 the cost of a regular cup of coffee, and Vanguard chose this price to encourage people to look more closely at even their smallest purchases.

    According to the company's press release, the coffee truck is,

    "...a part of Vanguard’s ongoing effort to educate investors on the impact of investment costs, the At-Cost Café will be touring select cities to demonstrate how investors can save thousands of dollars simply by paying attention to the price tag on their investments."

    The truck will be at Union Square West and 14th Street from 7am-3pm on Monday, March 19th; and at 7th Avenue and West 33rd Street from 7am-3pm on Tuesday, March 20th.

    Here's your chance to get a cup of coffee that's actually worth it!

    Go HERE for more information!

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