We Heart NY

by guestofaguest · December 17, 2007

    Bryant Park Skating Rink

    [Photo from NY Mag]

    On newsstands today, NY Mag's 3rd annual "Reasons to Love New York Right Now" issue. Though starting the article off by stating the obvious: "If you live here, you probably don’t need to be told what’s to love about New York.", it's still a fun read for their thousands of fans that inhibit the island. This year, along with reasons like "Because we proudy harbor illegal immigrants", "Because you can find love underground", and "Because we can get gourmet desserts out of a truck"; they also asked their readers to submit their reasons for loving the city, was the highlight of the article. Our favorites were:

    “I love New York because we order pizza from the Italian place across the street and have our laundry delivered. We take a taxi to the gym. We know exactly what we want out of life and careers, but can’t decide where to eat brunch. We make plans and don’t keep any of them. We think a studio for $1,500 a month is a steal, but get pissed when the coffee guy raises his prices 25 cents. We fight with cabbies about their driving skills, but we are 35 and have never had a driver’s license.” —Alexis DeSieno

    “I love New York. I refer to the city as my abusive boyfriend. It slaps me around a lot, but I know I’ll never leave it.” —Gillian Kocher

    “I love New York because you can date five people at once and never get caught.” —Neva Alsheik

    We love this city. Thanks to NY Mag for helping us to remember some of the reasons why.

    (P.S. The photo was taken from the top of the Verizon Building of the Bryant Park skating rink. Go to the website to see the process unfold.)