What's Behind New York's Sudden Shortage In "Plan B" Birth Control? A Few Theories...

by Chiara Atik · October 22, 2009

    As Doug Marshall alerts us on Twitter, "the Walgreens at 14th Street had a prominently displayed sign that they are completely out of Plan B." Wow, New York; wow. So what could be the cause of this sudden demand for back-up birth control? While the elegant Princess Grace Awards Gala might at first seem too elegant an event to be the cause, remember that Prince Albert of Monaco has had TWO KIDS out of illicit trysts, something he probably doesn't want to repeat. Also, all those CMJ afterparties are bound to lead to some ill-advised (un?)romantic entanglements.

    The resurgence of warm weather could possibly be the culprit, as warmer weather and less clothing leaves people more prone to friskiness than running from your apartment to the drugstore in Uggs for more Cold-Eeze. One final possibility: The Holidays are coming up, and no one wants to be alone. Maybe a drunken encounter in a bar can against all odds lead to lasting romance...although, obviously, a lasting baby is not optimal. Do you have any theories? Leave it in the comments!

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