Who Is The Mystery Person Painting Helpful Grafitti All Around Town?

by Chiara Atik · June 22, 2010

    He (or she) is being called the "Considerate Cartographer" and the "Compass Crusader", and has had a busy day, painting compasses at subway exits all over town so people will know which direction to go. Such a simple thing to do, and so very very useful! So who is the mystery person?-

    No one has come forth yet to claim authorship, but people on Twitter are rightfully lauding the artist for taking urban planning into his own hands (cans?).

    The compass was first noticed on Prince Street, then the uptown Bleecker station. It must be hard to inconspicuously paint a (surprisingly elegant!) ice blue compass at a subway entrance without anyone noticing...surely someone has some info on who this person is?

    We really hope the helpful person will come forward...the Guest of a Guest Office would like to buy them a drink! Or at the very least, a Metro Card.

    [Photos via NYCtheblog]