Why Did The Kids Start Rioting At Gov Ball Last Night?!

by Stephanie Maida · June 3, 2019

    Let's just say the kids were not all right.

    There's a certain risk you take when buying tickets to any outdoor event in New York, a place with infamously unpredictable weather. For most of Governors Ball weekend, things were all sunshine and rainbows (in more ways than one). But on Sunday, the last day of the music fest, forecasts indicated thunder storms, which caused the event to be delayed until around 6 pm. Alas, people were not happy, but shit happens.

    When the gates finally opened, revelers with Sunday access, eager to see Nas and The Strokes, happily made their way to Randall's Island. They saw some performances, but then they lost their minds.

    At approximately 9:30 pm, organizers announced an evacuation due to an impending storm with severe lightning. Julian Casablancas and the gang never made it onto the main stage and attendees were urged to exit the premises. That did not go over well.

    People who we suppose were under 22 (at least we hope so) started rioting, destroying the multiple art installations on the festival grounds, including the Insta-favorite Statue of Liberty head. It's as if Gen Z had never been told "no" before.

    While the adults in attendance tried to get out of the area, the kids did THIS:

    At least it kind of helped the clean up crew who had to take down everything anyway?

    At this time, Gov Ball organizers have issued a statement saying that Sunday and three-day ticket holders will indeed be getting a refund. So, really, what was there to riot about?!

    [Photo via @govballnyc]