"One Factor That Tipped Things In New York's Favor Was That New York Had Way Hotter Guys."

by Rachelle Hruska · April 15, 2009

    Which big name New Yorker claims the reason he choose to live here, over San Francisco, had a lot to do with the guys?  Answer below...

    It was Gawker founder, Nick Denton, otherwise known as the man responsible for this mess. Nick was included in NYMag's "Waking up to New York" article in which he claimed: "I once made a spreadsheet comparing San Francisco, London, Budapest, and New York. I assigned different weighted scores based on different criteria: old friends, business opportunities, Hungarians, Jews, nature (that one had a fairly low weight). I was living in San Francisco, but I’ve always liked the idea of that city more than the reality of it. So I would play with the spreadsheet, and when I didn’t get the result I wanted, I adjusted the rankings."