2010 Sex Blogger Calendar Launch Party At Fontanas

by Chiara Atik · November 9, 2009

    We recently listed Fontanas as a place to pick up a hot Harvard grad. Well, last Friday, this versatile little gem of a bar was the place to pick up a few burlesque dancers as well, at the 2010 NYC Sex Blogger Calendar Release Party. Hawt.-

    The calendars are $20 a piece, and according to the official website "Rachel" will probably spank you if you buy one, so, you know, do so at your own risk. Attendees all went home with a gift bag which made me blush to even read about, so you can probably guess what genre of swag it was.

    The goal of the Sex Blogger Calendar is to promote a sex-positive commUNITY (their weird capitalization, not mine), which is a nice goal, and in keeping with it, I present the pictures below without comment, except to say they are probably not safe for work, and if you recognize a cubicle-mate, teacher, or friendly street-vendor amongst the crowd, then, I'm sorry about that, that must be awkward scarring for you.

    [All photos by NICK McGLYNN].