Alexa Chung, Perfect Role Model, Meets Her Match At Teen Vogue Party

by Chiara Atik · December 11, 2009

    Alexa Chung. She's smart, she's quirky, her fashion sense is cool without being hyper-sexed. Her show might be canceled but she's still a bi-coastal It Girl. At last night's Teen Vogue party at Louis Vuitton, she proved that young girls finally have smart, wholesome people to look up to. Or DO they?!?![All photos by Chance Yeh for PMc].



    Meet Ke$ha. Ke$ha is a recording artist who looks like a crack whore. (No offense, Ke$ha, but you know it's true.)

    Ke$sha once snuck into Prince's house, and was subsequently kicked out.

    Ke$sha is also friends with Katy Perry.

    Ke$sha makes Taylor Momsen look demure.

    Ke$sha insists her name be spelled with a dollar sign, as, I don't know, a comment on capitalism? Ugh.

    Alexa is no doubt imparting some words of wisdom to instill confidence in her young fans. Ke$ha is crossing her legs for balance.

    Look how fresh faced Abigail Breslin and Emma Roberts are! I bet Ke$ha tried to knife them.

    Cute!                                                 Adorable!


    They're all so scared of Kesha they're clinging to each other in fright!

    Jared Clark, Robert Fowler                Shailene Woodley

    Laura McEwen, Amy Astley               Poppy Delevigne