Celebrities Galore At The Opening Of American Idiot

by Chiara Atik · April 21, 2010

    [All photos by Nick McGlynn for event sponsor Motorola]

    It's not often that a Broadway opening will attract enough celebrities to rival a film festival, but it's also not every day a band as established and beloved as Green Day opens a musical. Donald Trump, Paul Rudd, Whoopi Goldberg, Ian Somerhalder, Michael Urie, Edward Norton, Rosie O'Donnell, Mario Cantone, and T.R. Night were among the fans to join the band at their first Broadway performance.-

    The show, which includes every song from the popular album American Idiot, is a rock punk opera that tells the story of three friends who "struggle to find meaning in a post 9/11 World".  NY Times critic found it "thrillingly raucous and gorgeously wrought", and Green Day fans have been geeking out about the show since it started previews.

    After the premiere, guests, cast, and the three elated Green Day members headed to Roseland Ballroom for a packed afterparty. The wall was decorated with a huge "American Idiot" grafitti sign (should they have had this at Good Units?), and the members of Green Day mingled with the lucky fans who won access to the opening night celebration. The fare was all-American, naturally: Hot dogs, green M&Ms (get it?) cupcakes and candy galore. As far as opening night celebrations go, I'd say they rocked it, no?