Conor McCreedy's Outliers Opening Night And Afterparty At SPiN

by Chiara Atik · March 31, 2010

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    Ok, ready to feel depressingly unaccomplished? Conor McCreedy was scouted to be a professional golf player, but opted instead to come to New York to become a high fashion model, and used his earnings to fund his painting career. And last night, he became the youngest artist ever to have a solo exhibition with the National Arts Club.-

    So  to recap: Athletic, good looking enough to use modeling as his day job, and talented. Oh, and he has a South African accent. Oh, and once a wild elephant charged at him in the African bush. But he survived. Because apparently he's superman.

    I'm sure all the guests at the Opening Night party secretly hate him.

    The exhibition, called "Outliers", focuses on photographs and paintings inspired by both the African bush and Manhattan.

    After the opening reception, guests headed to SPiN, which is near and dear to the artists heart partly because he painted a portrait of the owner, and partly because he plans to be involved in a future SPiN club in South Africa.

    Because you know that, on top of everything, he's probably really good at ping-pong, too.