David Evangelista's Fortieth Birthday Gala

by Chiara Atik · November 23, 2009

    [All photos by CHANCE YEH for PMc]. David Evangelista is a hairstylist, a guest judge on Iron Chef America, BFF with Joan Rivers, a twin, and now, 40.-

    The TV personality and 5th Avenue spa owner had a big birthday bash thrown in his honor by Garnier this past weekend at The Glass House. He generously shared the spotlight with twin brother Eric, and even more generously invited guests to make donations to the New York City Food Bank in lieu of presents. More photos below...

    Eric Evangelista, David Evangelsita

    Julia Murphee, Liz Koppelman, Colby Miller Rob Stuart, Lisa Carvalho

    David Evangelsita, Holly Carter            Juliet Huddy

    Delphine Krakoff, David Evangelsita, Reed Krakoff  Beth Laram-Putt, David Evangelista