Diane Von Furstenberg, Zac Posen Et Al Bash Heads At The Brooklyn Ball

by EMMA WATKINSON · April 26, 2010

    andy-warhol-pinataHave you ever wondered what possibly went on in Andy Warhol's head? Well, the era of elusion is over. Pick up a stick, bash his head to bits and see what comes out...

    At least that's what guests at this year's Brooklyn Ball were invited to do. If there was ever an opportunity for Andy to have his 15 minutes again, this was certainly it. Though not just a lonely head, the giant Andy piñata was accompanied by other "edible" art installations - one of many from artist Jennifer Rubell who created these strange contraptions grouped together under the name "Icons".

    For $500 a ticket and $5000 for a table, you could have wandered around the museum dipping crackers into melted cheese which dripped from perpetually (this was achieved with hairdryers) melting cheese heads. I cannot decide what would have been better: Diane Von Furstenberg standing under dripping cheese or Zac Posen taking a swing at Andy Warhol.

    Either way, between the reclining pigs or piles of potato chips, Rubell's more interactive approach to dining has certainly got our attention. She told Vogue Daily that guests were "unexpectedly game" when it came to playing with their food. Who would have thought that the fashion pack would abandon their epicurean etiquette so readily?

    Co-chairing the event were Mario Batali, Annie Leibovitz, Hamish Bowles and Zac Posen. If there was ever a more stylishly coordinated event, we could only wonder what they would have served up...

    dvf-john-currin Diane Von Furstenburg, John Currin

    hamish-bowles Hamish Bowles

    melting-cheese-installation Melting Cheese Head Installation

    nate-lowman-todd-eberle Nate Lowman, Todd Eberle

    zac-posen-rachel-feinstein Zac Posen, Rachel Feinstein

    mario-batali-serving-his-son Mario Batali serves his son

    If this wasn't enough to feed your appetite, check out more of artist Jennifer Rubell's interesting hosting skills at last year's Performa Gala

    [Images courtesy via Rachel Chandler for Vogue Daily]