Embarrassing Yourself At Ella Wednesdays

by SARAH MANDATO · December 18, 2009

    Fake fellating a huge microphone is probably something to steer clear of when there's a camera in the vicinity. Homegirl was just joking around at Ella Wednesdays earlier this week, and Nicky Digital forever memorialized a magic moment of lapse in judgment.

    Good for us, likely far from ideal for her. It could be worse. Hey, if this resurfaces among work colleagues or causes the inevitable embarrassment from discovery by the wrong hands, at least she enjoyed a winter evening with Eli Escobar, Dominique Keegan, Kap10Kurt (clever), Lucas Walter, Gavin Royce and the Boogie Brothers.

    How lovely that someone thought to bring in lamb and root vegetable pies, because all that jumping around really does work up an appetite, plus it's a good idea to pad the stomach against the alcohol. The best part of the late night snacking is that someone clearly dropped their cigarette on the box, what with all the excitement over food arrival.