Hommage To The Guitar Greats: A Night At The Sam Ash Music Store

by SARAH FLOREA · July 29, 2010

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    Sparkly, sleek, sexy, curvaceous, and stringy: guests were unified by the same interest Wednesday night: Guitars, guitars, and more guitars (oh and good music to!).  Guitar Aficionado hosted their event at the Sam Ash Music Store. The serious guitar experts coerced over banana chips & salsa fueling their brains to thoroughly enjoy that nights festivities.  To carry over the tropical food theme Jamaican Rum beverages kept the guests on their toes for more musical excitement.-

    Flipping through, guests gathered to look at the magazines on display.  The Summer Travel Special of Lenny Kravitz caught the eye of many and made them pause to read a story or two.  You know you mean business when this is in the "Publisher's Note" section of the Guitar Aficionado:

    After all, the man who appreciates the sleek lines and sex appeal of a fine guitar looks for the same attributes in a luxury automobile. Similarly, the nuances of tone emanating from the living wood of a guitar are like the subtle notes of a fine wine, and the refined sensibilities required to recognize them are the same.

    I feel dirty just reading that! The suave words glorify the wooden stringed instrument uplifting it to the utmost importance (which makes sense, this is a magazine about guitars and guitar greats).  I bet there was a secret password at the door so exclusive only the biggest guitar buff would know.

    Good tunes echoed through out the music store, while the guests rocked out and embraced the fine stringed babies hanging on the walls.

    Music definitely was the topic of the night, but so was good times, good company, and good drinks!  All left with splendid images of the guitars on display, the rockin' tunes of the band, a full tummy, and even stumbled out the door humming their favorite guitar great song!