James Franco And Kate Spade Attend The Dia Art Foundation Gala

by MEGHANN MADIGAN · November 9, 2009

    Ann Dexter-Jones, Amber AndersonMarc Glimcher, Rainer Judd, Andrea GlimcherJennifer Creel, Caroline Phitoussi, Nathalie de GunzburgNathalie de Gunzburg, James FrancoStefano Tonchi, Marla Sabo, Kate Spade

    [All photos by WILL RAGOZZINO for PMc]. Friday night, Ann Dexter-Jones, Jennifer CreelRainer JuddJames Franco, Yvonne Force Villareal, Kate Spade, and countless others descended upon the Hispanic Society of America to celebrate with Nathalie de Gunzburg, the chairman of the Dia Art Foundation, at the Fall Gala.

    Since 1974, The Dia Art Foundation has been commissioning celebrity and philanthropic support for artistic projects that may not have come to fruition without their assistance. This year, cocktails were enjoyed at The Hispanic Society of America followed by dinner at The Church of the Intercession. During the festivities, Arto Lindsay and Vinicius Cantuaria entertained the many guests with their musical talents. The event raised over $700,000 thanks to co-chairs Cindy and Howard Rachofsky, Sir Evelyn and Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, as well as Kelly Behun Sugarman and Jay Sugarman.

    Clarissa Dalrymple, DJ WilcoxDaniella Vitale, David BiroArto Lindsay, Vinicius CantuariaYvonne Force Villareal, Todd Eberle, Jennifer McSweeney, Peter ReussLinda Yablonsky, James FrancoYvonne Force Villareal, Ann Dexter-JonesNathalie de Gunzburg, Sylvia ChivaratanondAndrew Fabricant, Laura PaulsonAndy Spade, Kate SpadeJoa Baldinger, Heiner Freidrich, Laetitia Catoir, John GoodJustine Birbil, Patrick KullenbergJustin Bond