Kristin Cavallari Heats Up The Axe Lounge

by Chiara Atik · December 3, 2009

    Last night, two New York imports joined together for a party at 1Oak: Kristin Cavallari (imported from California) and Axe Lounge (imported from The Hamptons).-

    Cavallari was joined by Adrienne Bailon (of The Cheetah Girls...anyone? Anyone?), Chaske Spencer (from New Moon), Byrdie Bell, Quddus, and Rachel Hunter, but NO Olivia Palermo, Whitney Port, or Erin Lucas. Guess The City girls weren't too eager to give their west coast counterpart a New York Welcome--or is being flatly ignored the most authentic New York welcome of all? More photos below...




    Kristin Cavallari                                    Adrienne Bailon

    I spy with my little eye, someone who writes for GofG...

    Byrdie Bell                                          Quddus

    Rachel Hunter                               W(h)ale

    Courtney O'Connor                          Chaske Spencer