MAD46 Kentucky Derby Party Toasts Super Saver And The Mint Julep

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · May 3, 2010

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    Super Saver won the 2010 Kentucky Derby on Saturday, so congratulations to him. Congratulations are also in order, for  the people who attended the MAD46 Kentucky Derby Party in the Roosevelt Hotel, because even though they didn't run in the race, they wore some really stellar hattery.-

    If they won any money...well, hats off to them. (Ta da!)

    In addition to watching all the pretty horses make their laps around the track on 4 big screen tvs, people enjoyed the most classy derby drink of all -- the the Mint Julep. Made of bourbon, mint, sugar and water (and little else), the drink is quite similar to a mojito and its origins may "never be definitely known." Which makes absolute sense, actually, because the more its creators drank it, the less historical events and significances (like creating the Mint Julep) they remembered. So it's cyclical, you see. Like a horse race.

    If you forgot to drink the Mint Julep on Saturday, don't worry. It'll be hot enough this week that you'll want a cool, crispy, and spearminty cocktail to nurse when you go out. And lucky for you, you learned about the Mint Julep today, Monday! And just like that, everybody's a winner.