Molly Ringwald Launches Her Book With Some Sparkly Swarovski Help

by SUSANNAH LONG · April 28, 2010

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    Swarovski Crystallized hosted a Soho reception for the launch of Getting the Pretty Back, a self-help book by Molly Ringwald. (MOLLY RINGWALD!) Ruben and Isabel Toledo and Cindy Sherman were also there, but we only had eyes for La Ringwald. She made those lopsided faces we remember so well from Sixteen Candles, but she looked very un-adolescent and un-awkward in a satin sheath dress. We hardly recognized her.-

    There were a few man-bouffants on display, but none to revival the serious pelage explosions of the 80s. At least there were crystals and whatnot all over to help distract us from our gnawing nostalgia.

    (Incidentally, the NYT's new blog feature Nocturnalist has a bit on La Ringwald's reception and autograph signing, which apparently were frequented mostly by autograph collectors rather than genuine fans.)