Nothing Says Gawker Party Like A Stripper Dressed Like Hitler

by Chiara Atik · January 29, 2010

    Gawker had a party last night for its new "NSFW" art, so naturally they hired a stripper dressed like Hitler for the occasion. And, by "dressed like Hitler", we mean wearing a Hitler mustache, a six pack thing, and very little else.-



    In addition to the usual crowd/hummus/beers, this particular Art@Gawker party featured art that ranged from the provocative to the illicit (An Amanda Lepore portrait, for instance, and some kind of dildo-esque glass sculpture that people were thrilled to pose next to all night.)

    The stripper seems to have been a not unwelcome surprise, but if things got a little raucous last night, all traces of debauchery were gone by Friday morning.

    @blakeley Nobody would guess there was a Hitler stripper performing at Gawker last night judging by how clean the office is today.

    We have one question thought...why where there so many dogs?? (And yes, we're referring to four-legged creatures.) Can anyone answer that for us?

    Seriously, the fact that the man is cradling a tiny dog is weirder than the statue.


    [All photos via RandomNightOut]