Painting Successfully Resurrected In Tribeca

by Chiara Atik · May 24, 2010

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    Art critics have recently been proclaiming that "painting is dead", so this weekend three New York painters set about to prove them wrpng. Jeremy Penn, Ari Lankin and Borbray resurrected the "lost art" of painting on Saturday with a show in Tribeca.-

    The show consisted of eighteen contrasting paintings by the three artists, all of which aptly prove that painting as a medium is alive and well. Guests were able to peruse the paintings while sipping on cocktails strong enough to raise the dead (arts).

    Penn's paintings focus primarily on celebrities and celebrity culture, Borbay's subject matter is the death of print, and Lankin is known for good old fashioned abstract expressionism.

    The paintings will be on view by appointment only until tomorrow.