Photo Of The Day: Thirteen Going On Tinsley

by Chiara Atik · November 23, 2009

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    This past Saturday afternoon, Tinsley Mortimer hosted a tea party for Serena Bancroft and her 15 closest friends at the Samantha Thavasa store. The girls got to enjoy cupcakes, pose for pictures, and get their make-up done by a Christian Dior makeup artist. Needless to say, these girls are ready for their reality tv closeup.

    So who is this Serena Bancroft, who gets to throw cute little fetes for her closest friends during which established socialites 20 years her senior will act like a BFF and eagerly pass out Christian Dior goody bags to all of her (probably green eyed) Middle School classmates?

    Her name is Serena Bancroft, and she makes Serena Van Der Woodsen seem like the really dorky girl in high school you're sort of embarrassed for. The shiny-haired (is it Keratin treatment? or just good genes?), stoic faced girl is the daughter of Debbie Bancroft, and her PMc page is already longer than most would-be social climbers twice her age: Serena sitting front row at Nicole Miller, Serena kicking it in the Hamptons, Serena busting out a yoga move at a dinner for a health spa, Serena with Paris Hilton. The best by far? Serena, posing placidly with Blake Lively, who seems excited beyond belief to be posing with HER.

    [Photos via PMc].

    These girls have skipped The Limited 2 and gone straight to the Dior Counter. It's no wonder Tinsley wanted to get in on Serena's star power: in 8 years, the Tinz will be BEGGING Serena to come to her parties; in fact, her 18th birthday will probably blow this one out of the water.  And since all the girls who attended last Saturday's event are getting such an early start on make-up tips and photo-ops, turning Tinsley is just around the corner. More event coverage below:

    "On hand Saturday afternoon was a Dior Beauty makeup artist who gave the girls tips and tricks on how to wear and apply their makeup. Staging an impromptu photoshoot, the girls posed both for our G of a G photographer and also struck a pose in the large Madison Avenue windows as the crowds passed by. In between Vogueing and cupcakes, the girls were given the opportunity to see samples of the Spring collection of handbags by Tinsley Mortimer exclusively for Samantha Thavasa. The girls were all atwitter about the 80s studs and bows of the new bags and could be heard debating just which they were going to buy when they finally arrived in the store next March.

    All in all the girls and Tinsley had a fabulous time: isn’t it ever little girls’ fantasy to play with makeup, eat sugar and play with pretty purses? One young girl, apparently exhausted by the afternoon’s fun-filled events, sat half asleep on the stairs. Turning to go I stopped and asked her if she was tired from the busy afternoon – she replied to me, “yes, but it was a really really exciting day!” The event, co-sponsored with Dior Beauty, supported the New Yorkers for Children Fund."  --Catherine Peridis

    Tinsley Mortimer